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Whether you are relocating a business, looking for a promising investment or launching a new enterprise – Martin County, also known as the Research Coast, is a welcoming business community with plenty of expert assistance available for venturing entreprenuers. Located between the new Scripps Research Institute and the Torrey Pines Institute for Molecular Studies, Martin County offers convenient transportation routes that are readily available through several major highways as well as a full-service, executive airport which caters to private and charter fleets. Thriving financial services, numerous marine industries and close proximity to the Space Coast provide the ideal environment for economic growth and investment. For more information about local businesses and the opportunities they offer, feel free to contact Debra for an abundance of information. Many of Martin County’s public-private partnerships, area chambers of commerce and research institutes can provide assistance, training and other various services to help existing businesses or exciting, new endeavors.

» Economic Council of Martin County
» Business Development Board of Martin County

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